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MEGIR® had launched its first website, i.e. www.megir.com back in 2017, which was merely a catalog website and was purposely designed to just showcase the watch designs and their specifications. Until the end of 2018, Ali Express and other similar websites were the main online channels for buying MEGIR® Watches. However, the company felt that MEGIR® needed more recognition across the globe, and wanted to draw customers directly to the company's E-Commerce website in order to offer a better shopping experience, flexible payment options, quicker support and more up-to date content.

While our Ali Express Store still continues to be an online shop-front, it offers little flexibility in terms of web designing, promotion & ads, payments through secured channels i.e. Paypal and integration with social websites (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat etc.) Moreover, the company felt that the customers found it difficult to actually recognize the MEGIR® authentic store on Ali Express since same products are also offered by thousands of other Chinese Re-sellers.

Keeping all this in mind, we've launched www.megirofficial.store to serve the customers better, create greater brand awareness and to offer authentic and exclusive MEGIR® Watches to its buyers.

www.megirofficial.store operates from the Kingdom of Bahrain. It is run by independent team of authorized re-sellers/distributors. All the images and logos used in the website are with explicit permission. Statutory & Commercial laws of the Kingdom of Bahrain are applicable for all purchases made through this website. Our factory and corporate headquarters are situated in China.


250+ Designs in store

60% Repeat Sales

99% Positive Rating


Established in 1996, Shenzhen Meigel Watch Industry Co., Ltd. is a large-scale comprehensive watchmaking enterprise having in-house Design, R&D, Production and Sales Departments. The company has more than 500 employees working in the company-owned Alloy Shell Processing Unit, Stainless Steel Shell Processing Unit, and Table Assembly Department.

The company's main products are Stainless Steel Watches, Alloy Watches, Quartz Watches, Mechanical Watches, Sports Watches, Fashion Watches, Light Kinetic Energy Meters, Diamond-Encrusted Watches, Couple Watches, Gift Watches, Commemorative Watches and so on.

With thousands of SKUs in stock, supported by the domestic and international trade channels, the company also provides Brand Authorization, Picture Data Package, Chinese and English details page, etc.

The company has advanced production equipment and a professional team capable of Watch Development, Designing and Mass-Production Proofing. The company's product portfolio also includes internationally recognized watch brands i.e. Glycine, Sinn, Police and Esprit, including Watch OEM Processing Plant for Guess Watches. The company also manufactures Giveaways and Souvenier watches for Nokia, BBK, PHILIPS, L'Oreal, Heineken, Mead Johnson, TCL Group, Wuliangye Group, Telecom, Amway, and Volkswagen.

MEGIR®, Zivok and Nakzen® are the company's private brands, with registered global trademarks.


MEGIR® takes pride in manufacturing innovative and sophisticated timepieces. MEGIR® Brand is an international success story, and the company is among a few Chinese companies having earned the Super-Brand status. MEGIR® watches are recognized across the globe for their premium quality, exquisite designs, long lasting form factor and affordable prices.

Our watches are great and do not break the bank. This remains our focus in everything we do. Seeing time is a necessity and it should be affordable for everyone.